The Sweet Christian Bride

Featured Vendor: LARK Productions

SCB: Where did the dream of LARK Productions originate, and how did it come to fruition?

Andrea Kreykes: In college my husband and I dreamed of becoming missionaries in Africa through our media skills. The Lord led us a different direction as we eventually moved to Southern California where we pair our mission dreams with our love of married life. Because we took so much joy in planning our own wedding, we want to share that passion with others. We want to catch every precious detail that people put into their celebration of marriage. We still continue to serve the Lord through digital media as we work on documentaries of our neighbor country, Mexico, and orphanages there.

SCB: How do you and your husband, Luke, split the roles and responsibilities of your business?

AK: The way that we split the roles in our business is a direct reflection of our personalities. Luke is very technically oriented, organized, and methodical. I am the creative and artistic side. We both inspire and encourage one another. The division between the two is not as clear cut in performance because we both influence the other.

SCB: What challenges do you come across in working with your spouse?  What joys?

AK: Some challenges, of course, are when things don’t go as planned. But the joys far outweigh the stress of the job as we get to spend time with each other. One of our primary goals was to live life together, using our strengths and weaknesses to live as wholesomely as possible. We occasionally enjoy trading traditional roles as he cooks supper and I finish up some editing.

SCB: I love that: to live life together. That’s the best part of marriage!

Your style is journalistic, which makes for such great story-telling!  How do you know what shot or angle or lighting is going to speak to a moment into the bride and groom’s story?

AK: Angle and lighting all add to the feel of what is happening, so we first understand our subjects, their story, and their hearts.  Then we help them translate that into a visual story. Our favorite shots are the ones that linger only to the few precious observers- that slight quiver to his hand as he puts on the ring- the gleam in her eye as tears of joy start forming- the crack in his voice when he first sees his bride, or the pride beaming in a father’s face as he gives his precious daughter away. It is in the details that you really remember something special, and we are always looking for them.

SCB: Beautiful. What is your favorite part of the wedding documentation process?

AK: The actual wedding is my favorite. I love when the bride finishes her hair and makeup right before putting on the dress, and you can just feel the jitters in the room as the bride and bridesmaids smile and laugh. I think for my husband, Luke, the best part is when we have edited the highlight video so well that it brings tears to our eyes. We get so excited to share it with the bride and groom so that they have the opportunity to savor the moment as well!

SCB: In what ways does LARK Productions engage with your faith?

AK: My husband and I feel our faith is engaged every time we make a decision and every time we encounter another person. Being so passionate about our work sometimes makes it difficult to prioritize work, family, worship, and values. We love what we do because we loved our wedding day so much.

It also engages our faith as we use the wedding videography to support videos for missionaries. We can use our skills to fund other missionaries, to encourage them, and to bring awareness to the needs of local children.

SCB: Do you have a guiding Scripture passage or principle that directs you two with LARK Productions?

AK: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

SCB:  I love that verse.  It’s so powerful!  Do you have a special wedding moment that you can share with us?

AK: Our most touching moment as videographers happened this last summer as we filmed for our professor’s daughter’s wedding. He was a mentor for both of us, which made the day really special. When he saw his daughter for the first time, he just cracked at the sight of his little girl, a woman, ready to be handed to her husband. The emotion on his face and the beauty of his love for her made the moment really touching.

SCB: What marriage advice can you offer to future newlyweds?

AK: Do not anticipate marriage as a solution to your relational problems. Devote yourselves to serving the Lord through serving your spouse. Do not go to bed angry, but always come together in humility. Laugh with your spouse, love them, and be thankful for the gift the Lord has given you in marriage.

SCB: Is there anything else that you would like brides to know about you or LARK Productions?

AK: Videography might not be on the top of your budget. In fact, it might not even be on your mind. The truth is that photographs tell half of the story- the look of your day, the style of your clothes, how beautiful everything is – but cinematic wedding videos are worth so much because they give you the sounds of the vows, the intimate details of preparation. The special day comes and goes so quickly, but that video allows you to relive those moments again and again.

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