The Sweet Christian Bride

Featured Vendor: Our Story Our Song

SCB: Liz, tell us about your background in the music industry.

ES: Growing up in Nashville, TN, I was exposed to an abundance of influences and opportunities early on.   Artists and Songwriters like Emmy Lou Harris, Harlan Howard, Amy Grant, and Ricky Skaggs were a few of the legends I met or knew as a toddler and continued to learn from as I got older.   Country and Christian music play a huge role in my development as a singer and songwriter, although I know and write all styles.

At 15 years old, I signed my first publishing contract with API. I would write on “Music Row” after school every day and record in the Row’s top studios.   At 17, I signed my first recording contract with Giant Records and at 20 I started a 3 year Christmas tour with country music superstar Martina McBride.

Another recording contract brought me to Los Angeles and after continuing as a published writer for several years, I realized I had a passion for telling true stories. When my husband and I felt peace about slowing down and starting a
family, we decided to launch “Our Story Our Song,” which lets me continue to do what I love and be a stay-at-home mom.   A dream come true!

SCB:  What inspired you to dream up your beautiful business, Our Story Our Song?

ES:   I was always inspired by the truth in my writing and would usually pull from emotions and situations my friends and family were experiencing.  Falling in love and having your heart broken definitely gives great material, and I’d experienced both, but I loved going a little deeper – writing about the unique way a friend was proposed to or how a great marriage was about to be ruined by financial stress or my grandmother’s expression of feeling “23” inside.

In 2008 I wrote a song to encourage a friend and her family as she recovered from a massive brain hemorrhage.   Soon after, I was asked to write a song for a friend’s baby shower, who had tried for 3 years to have a baby and finally
was blessed with a little boy.   I found a way to interview her and her husband separately, without her being in on the secret, and wrote a lullaby for them that was truly inspired by their own words.   They still sing the song to their son and have made it their own. Suddenly, it dawned on my husband and me that this was something I could and would love to do – Our Story Our Song was born!

SCB:  Do any moments in the creation of the songs or in the interaction with your clients stand out to you as proof that Our Story Our Song is invaluable?

ES: I get so much fulfillment and excitement when the song is written and I feel like I’ve truly captured the sentiments of my clients.   The feedback I’ve received tells me the impact the songs have on their lives.

One couple said that my songs “have the power to save a struggling marriage” because people express words and thoughts to me in the initial survey that they may not say to their spouse in person.  Once I capture and memorialize those words of love and encouragement into a song, the couple can listen to it anytime they want to remember why they love each other and fell in love in the first place.

Several clients have told me they play their song over and over, like in the case of the new parents who continue to sing the lullaby for their son. That’s more than I could ever ask or dream, and it fuels me to continue.

SCB:  Have you ever written a song for your husband or to commemorate a time in your life?

ES:  Yes – for my wedding, I had three of my bridesmaids sing verses of a song I had written for him in the beginning of our relationship, titled “If You Hadn’t Been There,” before they walked down the aisle.   On the last verse, I stepped out and finished the song before walking down as well.

I also surprised him with a new song called “Worth Fighting For” before our first dance at the reception.   He loved it and so did everyone else.  “Worth Fighting For” was significant, because (inspired by the book Wild At Heart) he had
inscribed the words “Worth Fighting For” on my engagement ring.

SCB:  Do you have a verse from Scripture that inspires your song writing?

ES:  Studying Psalms a couple years ago, I kept running into “Sing to the Lord a new song…” (Psalm 33:3, 40:3, 96:1, 98:1, 144:9, and 149:1).  It kept standing out to me more than usual and so I began to pray, “Lord, are you telling me something through these words?  Do you want me to write you a new song?”

At first, I attempted to literally write new songs for God, but I still felt there was more to the message.   Then, after a lot of prayer and reflection, I realized my life needed a new direction.  What I was going after in my music career started to feel selfish and meaningless.  I longed for purpose, and even more, to do something that truly glorified God with my time and talents.  It was at that time I became pregnant with my first child, got more involved in our church and started mapping out this business.  I’ve felt like I’ve been on the right path ever since and God has continued to bless my family.

Now when I write, I feel I’m not only writing for people but also writing for the Lord because I know each song has a purpose.

SCB:  As you are interacting with tender moments in your clients’ lives, do you ever witness the hand of God at work?

ES:  I see God in every story I encounter. Even if my clients don’t believe, I can’t help but see God’s hand in the way they met or how they got through unbelievable hardships. It gives me a good opportunity to witness, even in small ways.

SCB:  What about in building your business? How can you see God’s hand in that process, and how does the business aspect of Our Story Our Song interact with your faith?

ES:  As I mentioned before, my life took a completely new direction, and I believe God led me to Our Story Our Song. It’s a total act of faith because I have to trust God to give me the courage to take on a small business while being a good mom, wife, and friend. I can’t do it without Him!

SCB:   Is there anything about Our Story Our Song, beyond what your website delineates, that you would want potential clients know?

ES:  Each song I write for my clients is completely unique to them. I take into account their story, style and occasion so it fits their needs and they have something special to share for generations.

At the end of our lives, we’ll look back and reflect on the significant memories that shaped us. My passion through Our Story Our Song is to help people capture and commemorate significant memories in a meaningful and lasting way.