The Sweet Christian Bride

Featured Vendor: The Details Co.

SCB: How did The Details Co. get its start?

Lisa Marcia: The DTC was started officially back in 2008 while I was still working in fundraising hosting events for a university I worked for. I was doing events on the side and assisting brides at their weddings and figured, why not start a business centered around the things I was usually asked to do….organize the little details and get creative! So, I did!

SCB: When you were a bride, what was your planning experience like?

LM: This question takes me back! My husband and I have been married four years and I can say I loved that I planned every detail of my wedding. My mom helped me of course, and we did everything down to making my own bouquet! Did I know how to do this? No, but I’m adventurous and a planner by nature. By the way, they came out beautifully, if I do say so myself!

Let’s just say planning your own wedding is a lot more stressful than planning it for someone else. I enjoy doing it for people a lot more than planning my own. My own wedding was great experience because now I know how brides are feeling through every step of the process. This helps me manage “the process” and the feelings of those involved.

SCB: How do you make sure that what a bride wants is what The Details Co. provides?

LM: Listen! My goal is to make sure the bride and groom see their vision realized on that day. I’m not there to do what I like…although most times I do love what my clients decide on. I like to think of myself as a trail guide. I have the experience and know the dead ends and winding paths, and I won’t let them get lost. But, the journey is theirs! That’s the special part.

SCB: What if a bride and groom aren’t sure what they want?  How do you help inspire and guide them?

LM: Sitting down and getting to know a couple is the first step and most important part in any planning relationship. Actually learning about them as a couple is something that is helpful to getting planning underway. Likes, dislikes, honeymoon locations, favorite date night places. It’s all part of the process. Sometimes couples have a hard time deciding on every little thing that needs a decision. I find their “priorities” and then will sometimes ask for permission to make an executive decision on items they might not have an opinion about. This lets them focus on what they truly care about.

SCB: Can you think of some favorite details that a bride and groom included in their wedding?

LM: So many events have great decor and I think that this adds to the feel of any event. I personally love personalized favors and things guests can take home with them that they will truly keep. There are too many to mention, but invitations and favors are my two favorite things to help with as a creative planner. It’s the little things people remember.

SCB: How does your faith intersect with your business?

LM: The biggest thing I’ve learned is trustworthiness. My faith supplies me with trust and hope, and I work to exude those qualities while working with couples. Working diligently, honestly, and ethically is part of my business model. While that may seem like a general response to how my faith intersects with business, I find these things set my business apart because trust is so important, especially when you are handing over parts of your special day to someone you just met. Let’s throw encouragement in there too. That’s key to any nervous bride.

SCB: You have an incredible eye for detail.  What things—aside from wedding planning, of course—do you love to pay attention to in your everyday life?

LM:  Why thank you! 🙂 I’ve learned details in my person life can create a tendency to want control. So, I try and let the priorities take precedence. Children teach you this! One thing I do appreciate is nature. Our home backs up to the forest. We have red cardinals, deer, and other wild life all around us. So, in the mornings I sit down with a cup of coffee and really appreciate the detail that God put into his creation. Beautiful.

SCB: Being a married woman, do you have any marital advice for brides who are in the height of wedding planning?

LM: It’s funny, I get asked this a lot. I’d say my go to response is, “Enjoy every minute. You will not be in this season again in your life. Be present and breathe it in. It’s suppose to be fun and full of love and excitement.” I tell many brides who are still unsure of whether to have a planner for their wedding, things get stressful about 3 weeks before the big day. I know for myself at some point I just wanted my groom to show up and that would be our wedding. Please don’t get lost in the stress of it. Enjoy one another. This is your day as a couple. Many emotions and opinions are thrown into the mix. Make sure you get quality time and prepare for your marriage and let someone else plan the wedding. The wedding is one day, but a marriage is a lifetime.

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