The Sweet Christian Bride

Featured Vendor: Write Designs by Amy

SCB: When did you first realize you were an artist?

Amy Sullivan: Funny question! I always enjoyed crafts, drawing and art as a child. But I never dreamed it would be my career. One night, just as I was starting my stationery business, I was working on some designs at our dining room table. My husband walked by and said, “Somehow I feel like I should have known you could really draw before now!” I guess it was a suppressed talent that was forced to resurface.

SCB: What made you decide to put your artistic gifts into a business outlet?

AS: I worked in marketing and advertising for a Fortune 500 company after graduate school. But, I was on the “client side”, and we had an agency, so I didn’t create any of the material, per se. After we had our first child, I desired to be home with him more and felt God leading me away from the career I had worked hard to build. I began to consider what business I could start that would allow me to work from home and use my God-given talents. I have always loved stationery and it just seemed to fit! I decided that my original designs would be more unique than selling something that already existed.

SCB: How does your faith in Christ direct your business model or business philosophy?

AS: My relationship with Christ was definitely the foundation of my business from the beginning. I was sure that he had something “new” for me with Write Designs. I knew that if I left the security of the corporate world and embarked on a risky adventure of my own, that if I succeeded, He would receive all of the glory! It didn’t make sense on paper, but it made sense to rely on Him. I try to run my business with integrity and to honor Him in my work. It is the only proper response to His faithfulness to me and my family.

SCB: Have you ever had an interaction with a customer that God used to confirm that this business is exactly what you are called to do?

AS: God has placed many wonderful, loyal customers in my path that continually encourage me and contribute to the success of Write Designs. But I would say He uses my children to confirm this calling more than anything. Because I have the ability to work when I can, (late at night, during their naps, while they are at school, etc.), I am able to be present for most everything that is important to them. Each time we make a special memory that I realize may not have been made if I was still behind a desk 40+ hours a week, I am grateful. In such times I am very aware that I am fulfilling God’s calling for this particular season of my life.

SCB:  Where does your inspiration for designs come from?

AS: Everywhere! Everything from wrapping paper, to clothing, to party supplies.  It’s interesting to discover what the current trends are and try to keep up. My business is young, only about 7 years old. But when I look back at some of my first designs, they seem so dated!  There are endless options in the world of stationery. You can’t be all things to all people and have to just stick with your niche.

SCB: What aspects of your business or products make Write Designs such a great choice for brides?

AS: We are flexible. Because we are a small company, and because I design everything myself, I can tailor a design to perfectly match a theme, color scheme or idea. We can generally turn orders around pretty quickly, and work hard to remain very affordable with our prices.  Our most popular items for brides are shower invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, favor tags and address stamps.

SCB: As a wife, do you have any wedding or marital advice for the brides?

AS: My husband and I have been married for twelve years. He is a very Godly man and although we have many faults, we rarely argue. There are very few issues that are worth damaging a relationship or hurting your spouse over. Although we are blessed to be very happy, I don’t believe marriage is all about happiness. Marriage is a commitment and covenant ordained by God. Our happiness, and more importantly our JOY, must be in Christ and Christ alone. Any human being, even our beloved husband, can disappoint us. But Jesus, our Rock, never will.

There is a sub-title to a book that I just love. “Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?” Think about it…perhaps the bumps in the road of matrimony are designed to make us more like Christ? There is nothing wrong with a life of happiness! But if both people are striving for holiness, we can draw on God’s strength to see us through.  

SCB: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you want potential customers to know about you or your business?

AS: We would love to help you with any special “touches” for your big day. We have helped brides with place cards, favor tags, stickers, shower invitations, thank-you notes and more! We can always email you a proof of what something will look like before we print it. There are a lot of designs and projects that are not featured on our web site. If you are wondering if we can do something that you don’t see, we probably have and mostly likely can. We hope you each have a blessed wedding day!

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