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Ribbon Centerpiece Decorations

Table decorations don’t have to break the bank, especially for the build-up events such as bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.  Consider using ribbons, along with a simple vase of flowers, in order to create a festive, textured, and colorful ambiance.

Simply cut four strands of ribbon, long enough to cross the table from end to end.  Cut another four strands of ribbon about 3/4 the length of the first bunch.  Do so for each table you have.

Find the midpoint between the long strands and tape or hold that down at the center of the table.  Then spread out each end of the ribbons so they are more or less equidistant from each other, draping from one end of the table to the other.

On the midpoint intersection of all those ribbons, place your vase.  Around the vase, towards the center of the table, take the second bunch of ribbons and scrunch them, creating some volume around the flowers.

If you are adding candles or are pre-setting the tables, place your votives, plates, glasses and silverware directly on top of the ribbon-covered table.  The ribbons need not be a hindrance to your table settings but merely a decorative addition.

The ribbon theme is easily carried out on any food or beverage table as well.  Simply use the same scrunch method or tie bows or knots to unify your tables.

Ribbons are simple and affordable, yet vibrant and fun.

Photo by me.

By Lindsay

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