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Save-the-Date Scratcher

by admin on January 19, 2012 in Invitations with 1 Comment

I love Save the Date ideas that are more than just a classy cardstock.  My friend recently showed me one she had received, which was entirely D-I-Y. A scratcher card.  Who doesn’t love scratching off silver stuff to find out what’s underneath?

This bride took a simple, white card stock with punched edging and she mounted a blue card stock on top.  Her wording was typed and printed, including the dates.  Then, a layer of metallic acrylic pain was applied over the dates to create the scratcher effect.

To me, I love that it looks home-made because I know that personal care went into each Save the Date.  And I love that the date is a surprise until the guest scratches it off.  Just a bit of extra excitement in something that traditionally is purely informational.

And, of course, many places will create and customize the scratcher for you.  Ready-made scratchers can look just as elegant as traditional Save the Dates and still hold the personal touch of a DIY scratcher because the creativity behind the idea is just as evident.

Photo by me.

By Lindsay
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