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Serving Your Guests

Love your neighbor as yourself. 

This command is always victorious when Christ is at the center of it.  This can be a challenge with planning a wedding because it’s the execution of your dream ceremony and reception.  But if God is directing your steps, then your dream can beautifuly bless others as well.

In fact, considering your neighbor in your wedding planning can really help you keep a perspective of honoring the Lord rather than yourself.  How can your wedding create opportunity for you to serve your guests?

Great examples of this from weddings that I have been to are providing slippers at a beach wedding for women, particularly elderly women, who might be wearing hose or nice shoes.  Likewise, I’ve seen baskets of flip-flops by the dance floor that guests could take.  This was helpful not only for the high-heeled dancers, but also for any high-heeled guest because the wedding was on a sloping lawn where heels were sinking into the ground.

At a February outdoor California wedding, the bride and groom provided blankets for all of their guests in case the usual winter chill set in that day.  They were tied with a bow and placed on each seat, and they also served as the guest favor.  On the other end of the weather spectrum, I have received paper fans for a non-air-conditioned church ceremony, and I have received parasols for an outdoor beach wedding.

If money is an issue, you can still plan with your neighbor in mind.  Ask yourself what you would want or need if you were the guest.  Many of those things do not cost any extra such as providing water as people arrive to the ceremony; making sure there are always chairs for the elderly, pregnant, or injured to sit in; planning your ceremony and reception at places close enough together; or making sure your sound equipment is loud enough and properly placed without blowing out anyone’s ears.

Loving your neighbor is a perspective; there is no specific manual for how to do this except for the profound examples that Christ gives in Scripture.  Ask God how you specifically can honor your guests while planning your wedding.  Not only will it go a long way to increasing people’s enjoyment of your wedding, but it will also bless the Kingdom.

Photo © Brennan Wesley

By Lindsay

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