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Setting Your Marriage Up for Success

by admin on December 11, 2012 in Relationship with No Comments

Let’s face it, no couple is invincible.  We all have distractions, difference, wounds, temptations, lures of the evil one, and pride that challenge our fidelity.  Marriage is just plain hard.

But it is so worth the fight!

Marriage is a mystery.  For every set of hurdles there is a victory.  For every sacrifice there is gain.  For every discipline there is freedom.  Marriage is the most rapturous, abundant, exhilarating relationship one can have with another.

So how do you protect your marriage to keep it from splintering into despair?  Read my article, “Get Up and Fight for Your Marriage” over at Start Marriage Right.  You will see how minor adjustments to the way you daily live out your marriage can help to fortify your relationship.

By Lindsay

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