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Sharing Marital Wisdom

by admin on August 3, 2011 in Ceremony Traditions with 1 Comment

Wedding ceremonies often include friends or family who step up to read a poem or a passage of Scripture, but rarely do friends and family use the microphone at a wedding to share personal experience.

At one spectacular wedding I attended, a couple shared marital wisdom to the bride and groom right before the vows were exchanged.  It complemented the homily, which taught on general, Biblical marriage principles.

This young couple, who were friends of the bride and groom, offered a three point teaching based on their own marriage experience.  1) Patience, 2) Partnership, and 3) Passion.  They worked in their personal stories in order to illustrate the importance of each tip they were offering.  They were public speakers by vocation and were humorous and thoughtful by nature, so their words were easily captivating.

Even though they were speaking on a microphone in front of the entire congregation, it felt like one couple having a heart to heart with another couple.  The four of them were so engaged with each other and were really enjoying their conversation that it felt, as a member of the congregation, that we were being let in to an everyday slice of their lives.  We had the honor of hearing them share their hearts with each other.  The bride and groom were clearly so appreciative for the advice from their beloved peers.

I had never considered having people share advice based on their own experience as a viable element in a wedding ceremony, but it was awesome!  The main reason why this wedding was so spectacular was that every aspect of it made me feel like I was being personally invited to know the bride and groom and that they cared deeply that I was there.  Elements like the sharing from friends were how they created that kind of atmosphere.

Be creative with your ceremony if you want to.  Is there any couple whose marriage you deeply admire?  If so, why not let your guests benefit from their wisdom while they impart it to you?

By Lindsay

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