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Simple Photo Book Gifts

by admin on September 9, 2011 in Bridal Party, Budget, Gifts and Favors with No Comments

Finding gifts for your bridesmaids can be hard. Money is certainly a factor, but even more difficult is finding something that accurately expresses your love and gratitude.

Often the simplest ideas are the most meaningful because they are stripped of layered implications down to their most significant purpose. Photo books are one of those sweet and simple standards that never falls flat when they are created with care.

I received a photo book as a bridesmaid’s gift that was only 5 pages in length. The book itself was very inexpensive because it was small and slim, but it was cute as can be and was chock full of sentiment. For each of her seven bridesmaids, the bride put together a collage/photo album of her relationship with the bridesmaid.

Looking at old pictures of her and me flooded me with nostalgia and gratitude to God for this precious friend in my life. Even with only a handful of photographs, major moments in my life were captured, each of which showed this friend by my side. On the non-photo pages, the bride used scrap-booking letters to write out sweet sentiments and photo captions.

The little five-page album was full of love, memories, and encouragement to me, the bridesmaid, which made me all the more excited to stand by the bride in one of the biggest moments in her life.

Whether a slender book or a comprehensive tome, you too can create an ode to your bridesmaid friendships with relatively low cost. Consider it an opportunity to tell each one why you dearly love her! The time you would take to put each book together will be a joy when it allows you to reflect on your wonderful friendships, especially knowing that you will bless each woman when she opens her gift.

Photos by me.

By Lindsay

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