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Song of Solomon, Sexy and Sacred

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Reading Song of Solomon makes me blush a little, if I’m honest.  And I love that!  I love that God inspired Solomon to write it and that it ended up as part of God’s Holy Word.

It’s raw, steamy, and uncensored; it is the picture of passion and beauty in marriage.  If we could all desire and cherish our spouses like Solomon and his wife did, I bet the success rate of marriages would improve.

Friends of mine were so moved by Song of Solomon that they chose passages from this book as their wedding ceremony Scripture reading.  They stood next to each other, with the Bible in front of them, and read to each other—in front of the congregation—the words of the lover and the beloved.

It seemed like a private moment that they let us in on.  (Don’t worry, they appropriately chose the PG verses.) It was so beautiful!  They were claiming the joyous fidelity and intimacy of marriage.

I wish I could have seen the looks on people’s faces when they later asked the bride and groom where that reading came from.

“The Bible,” they would say.

(Insert look of shock from guests.)

“The Bible?!?”

Why hide the truth about passionate love in Christian marriage?  Isn’t that what we all want in our marriages?  Sure, it helps to be selective about which sections of Song of Solomon you read so that you don’t end up giggling nervously in the recitation, but why not be bold about demonstrating something as passionate as love for your spouse that’s rooted in Christ?

Christian marriages should be the most appealing marriages.  We should have the most passion, the most joy, the most fulfillment and satisfaction, both sexually and beyond, because we have Christ who helps refine and uphold our marriages by the will of the Lord.

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Article originally published on April 6, 2011.

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    • Jerry says:

      even as a non-christian i feel you have a great point here. A marriage without passion is doomed to fail. God did not want us to divorce once we are married in His name.