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Stickers Reward Chart

by admin on August 7, 2012 in Purity, Relationship with 1 Comment

As a kid, you might have been enticed by a parent or a teacher with a sticker chart.  For each nice thing you did for someone, for each task you improved on, or for each goal you completed, you got a sticker.  You probably watched those stickers with baited breath because as they filled the columns on the chart, they would convert to prizes.  That’s where the real fun came.

I never would have thought such a simple visual form of tracking would still work for adults, but my friend shared with me her technique, and I have come to believe otherwise.

How many times a week, brides, do you think you and your husband will have sex?  Take that number, factor in work schedules, nightly commitments, fatigue, sickness, arguments, traveling, and any other challenge that might come up for you.  What number do you have now?

Most couples will have sex far less than they would hope because of all the hurdles they have to jump to protect that time.  But they want to have sex more, and they need to.  Planning ahead can definitely make a difference, but so can a reward system.

If you keep a day planner or a wall calendar, put a sticker on the days that you and your husband had sex (you don’t need to tell anyone what the stickers signify).  Rather than putting on stickers in advance where you will feel pressure to have sex on a sticker day, put the stickers on after the fact.  You are simply keeping a record of your victories.

As your week or month becomes blocked with color, you will actually get more excited to add stickers.  You will also be able to look at sparsely sticker-ed weeks and examine them to help you understand what kinds of things were going on that kept you from the bedroom.

If your day planners are digital, find a way to highlight your victorious days in a certain color so you can maintain the same visual tracking method.  However you make it work for you, try it. It’s a small reward system admittedly, but I think that’s appropriate given that the real reward is a better marriage.  We don’t want to take our eyes off the real prize.

By Lindsay
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    • Elissa says:

      WoW! Am I excited to try this reward system after my husband and I are married on June 1st!!

      In Christ’ Love,