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The Sweet Christian Bride


by admin on January 31, 2012 in Budget, Purpose with No Comments

We probably all wish God would will an extravagant wedding for us, but the truth is, for some He truly does. He uses extravagance to reach extravagant people. He uses lavishness to demonstrate His lavish love for us. He uses details to remind us that He knows every detail and that they matter to Him.

Conversely, God can use minimal as much as He can use extravagant, so we need not feel entitled to abundance. God delights in His children being fed, clothed, housed, and loved more than He is pleased with pageantry. It can seem so foolish to buy a $5,000 wedding gown for 1 day of donning and a $10,000 band for 6 hours. It can feel like a waste to ship in a couture cake that people leave before eating or importing exotic flowers that will end up hoarded in our homes or left at the site. Why is it that we feel it is okay with spending so much on a great day for ourselves?

The Sweet Christian Bride