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Do You Have To Give Favors to Your Guests?

by admin on June 25, 2013 in Gifts and Favors with No Comments

The point of a favor is generally two-fold: 1) to serve as a token of thanks for coming, and 2) to serve as a token of nostalgia for the event. Guests feel cared for and celebrated by the thoughtfulness of the favors they receive.

You can, however, extend hospitality and thanks to your guests in other ways. At one of Chris’ best friend’s weddings, nobody received favors, but it didn’t even dawn on me that something was “missing” until a few days after the wedding. The bride and groom had spent so much energy on making each guest feel so special and thanked that the purpose of a favor was already met. We didn’t need a present to secure that thought.

The Sweet Christian Bride