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Take the Garbage Out, Sweetie!

by admin on November 8, 2012 in Faith, Relationship with No Comments

Have you ever smelled the trash from the other room and wondered why you are the only person in the household who seems to notice or care that rotting food is begging to be taken out to the dumpster?

If you haven’t, you will at some point.  Maybe it won’t be the trash—maybe it will the clothes on the floor or the bills piled up or the calendar over-scheduled.  Somewhere along the way, your need for control will clash with your spouse’s lower threshold.

When this happens, what do you do?  Would you believe me if I told you that God is doing a beautiful work every time you are confronted with your need for control?

Read my article, “Don’t Forget to Take Out the Trash,” over at Start Marriage Right, and find out how God can use a stinking trash to transform your marriage.

Start Marriage Right is a website meant to strengthen the next generation of marriages by offering marital wisdom to dating, engaged, and newly-married couples.  If you haven’t already checked out SMR, I suggest you do so today.  It might just be the very word from God you need for your relationship today.

By Lindsay

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