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Talking with God, Part II: Delight

by admin on November 9, 2011 in Faith with No Comments

How does a vibrant prayer-life happen?  Sometimes it’s the result of circumstances we would never choose.  In seasons of brokenness, we find a need for God and so we cry out to Him more.  Other times our prayer-life grows in the positive situations that we do choose to put ourselves in.  When we delight in God, we desire to be in His presence.

Think about your fiancé.  When you first met him, you probably had an incredible infatuation that drew you to him.  He was all you could think about and talk about.  As the infatuation cooled, however, you got to develop a deep desire for his well-being.  You learned to love him in ways that encompassed the grit of reality.  You shared experiences that built a partnership, a friendship, and a companionship, paving the foundation of your relationship with strength.  You endured with him through down times and ugly behavior.  And somewhere along the line, you said to yourself, “I love this man so much that I want to do life with him always.”  And so you said yes when he asked you to be his wife.

The more we grow to love people, the more we want to share life with them.  We desire their companionship, their wisdom, and their support.  In return, we want to serve, encourage, and honor them.

Our relationships with God are no different.  The more we love Him, the more we want to hear what He has to say; the more we want to share with Him the small details about our days and the major details about our fears and dreams; the more we believe that He’s got our backs; and the more that we want to have His.

When you fall in love with someone, you develop a language that is precious between you two.  With God, this is prayer.  The way you pray and the way I pray are totally unique to the way that we know and love God.

Think about people, places, or activities that delight you.  The people who delight you bring out the best in you.  In spending time with them, you grow in your admiration, enjoyment, and care for them.  With places, delight often comes from scenery that is beautiful and refreshing.  It also comes from the memories built over time within that place.  The smells, the sights, and the feel of that place bring you back to life-giving traditions, exciting events, and even comfortable routines that have been established there.  And with activities, delight comes when you finally see the reward of your investment.  Your talent that you have honed over time shines through, reminding you what you were made for and what makes you feel alive.

To delight in God, you spend time with Him.  His Spirit will bring out the best in you the more that you come into His presence and allow Him into yours.  The more you read about God, the more you hear testimony about God, and the more you simply dwell with God, the more you will grow to delight in Him.  You will establish sacred places and fond memories with God.  You will also come to see the fruit of your faith and the call on your life when you spend time with the Lord.  You will learn to delight in God for Who He is and for who He makes you to be.

I love how the Psalmists spend countless stanzas gushing about their delight for God’s law.  Psalm 119, for example, rephrases, “I treasure your word in my heart” (11) into multiple statements of delight: “Your decrees are my delight” (24), “I find my delight in your commandments, because I love them”(47), and so forth.

Do you treasure God’s Word?  If not, I encourage you to spend time with God in His Word.  I believe that just as you grow in delight with people, places, and activities over time, so too will you grow in delight for Scripture.  Through Scripture, among other avenues of knowing God, you will grow in delight of God Himself.  You will learn Who He is because He will prove Himself true to His Word.

The favorite verse of so many, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4), reminds us that the more we delight in the Lord, the more we are fulfilled and will continue to delight in general.  I don’t think this verse is a promise of material desires but rather a statement of fact that the more you love the Lord and love what He loves, the more your heart lines up with His.  Your heart will be full and your desires will be met because you are establishing them in the person and the will of God.

So if you are bogged down by rules for how to pray better (get up earlier, use ACTS, record them in a prayer journal, pray through each name on the list, etc.), instead, seek delight in the Lord.  Your thoughts and your words will develop into a precious language that is unique to you and God.  You will find yourself wanting to tell God about the little things that happened in your day, and you will find that He is the first person you will run to when the bigger things are weighing on you.

Go on a run with Him.  Sing to Him.  Tell Him the joke that’s making you laugh.  Drink your coffee with Him.  Be with Him as you would be with anyone else in whom you delight.

Prayer is a natural outflow of delighting in the Lord. 

In your engagement, you are probably experiencing heightened delight because of the momentous nature of the celebration at hand.  If you can trace your delight back to God’s character or God’s doing, you can start to bridge your intrinsic delight and your learned delight, cultivating a delight in God.  Your prayer life will surely follow.

By Lindsay

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