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Imagine lathering your skin with cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, and sesame oil after you have lounged by a pool and soaked up some rays.  Sounds delicious, right?

Well, if you are looking for ways to pamper your bridesmaids either on the wedding weekend, at the bachelorette party, or in a thank you package, consider loading them up with The Body Shop beauty products.

All quality beauty products can make you feel luxurious, which your bridesmaids will appreciate, but many of them can also eat at your conscience when you learn of the exploitation behind their production.  Fair Trade ensures that each person involved with harvesting the ingredients to these products is paid fairly and is working under sustainable, humane conditions.  And environmentally sustainable products ensures that the world is not suffering at the expense of our luxurious oils and extracts.

The Body Shop has values of justice and integrity, and seeks to continually improve their product line to give back to the people and the causes that are in need.

Or indulge in your wedding-day skin care and make-up at The Body Shop, knowing that as you are investing in the health of your skin and the pampering of your spirit, you are also investing in the welfare of men and women who desperately need fair wages to survive, of the women and children who are sold as sex slaves, and of the foliage of the earth that is being destroyed.  Instead of adding to these problems, you are investing in a company who seeks to address them.

By Lindsay

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