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The One?

by admin on February 7, 2012 in Faith, Spouse, Vows with No Comments

Being “The One” is a romantic concept.  It’s beautiful, abounding in promise.  That God would hand-pick for you a soul mate to spend forever with is touching, warming, and enchanting.

Truly beautiful.  I just don’t agree with it.

It’s not that God can’t pick out one person for each of us to have as a soul mate, it’s that I think He enjoys letting us choose.  We do our best to head into marriage wisely and prayerfully, trusting that the Holy Spirit has guided our steps towards a man whom God will bless as our husband.  With His leading, we choose, for love that is chosen is a stronger love.

Whether you agree with me or not, when you vow to be a man’s wife until death do you part, then your husband has just become your soul mate.

There are times when each of us will be tempted to believe we are the exception to this.  But God wants me to be happy, so it must be okay that I leave my distant, hurtful husband.  But I got married before I became a Christian, so God must want me to be with another Christian instead.  But my husband and I don’t agree on what our future looks like, so if I’m going to live out God’s calling for me, I must need to leave my husband.

Even if your choice of spouse was not God’s will for you, your marriage is.

God believes in the sanctity of marriage, as it echos the holy, redeeming relationship between Christ and the Church.  When we vow before God to uphold the sanctity of marriage with our husbands, it is God’s will that we follow through.

This means that even if you panic that you didn’t choose God’s pick for your husband, you can rest assured that He is fighting for your marriage now.  Hope and faith is not measured by who you are or what you can do; it is measured by Who God is and what He can do.

Marriage is a vessel for God to do mighty works in us and for His glory to be magnified.  There is no marriage too haphazard, too abusive, or too cold in which God can’t still redeem a husband and a wife for His glory.  In an age of bailing when things aren’t convenient, it’s important to remember that if we are married, then our husbands are the ones for us.

How and when God chooses to work out the details of His redemptive design will be for some a romance, for others a somber tale with times of separation, and for others an adventure, but God is truly faithful.  He is the number one fan of your marriage; be bold to let Him prove that to you.

By Lindsay

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