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The Pearl

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All the butlers (yes, that’s right ladies, butlers!) at the Christmas Tea came back into the room, only this time, their trays did not have scrumptious tea sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries.  They instead had twelve roses, one for each woman at the table.

This once-a-year extravagance is a reminder to the women that Christ loves them extravagantly.  Hundreds of women gather each December to sing Christmas carols, to worship the Lord, and to fellowship with one another in the festive arena of a tea party.  Though this event is for women only, gallant men volunteer their services to buttle the event.  Dressed in their finest suits or tuxedos, they wait on each table with charm and cheer.

As the roses were being handed to each woman, a new butler approached with a bouquet of roses.  He hadn’t been serving at the tea, so his presence was a surprise.  He walked calmly up to a woman seated around a table, put one hand on her shoulder and with his other, offered her the bouquet of roses.  She was startled by his presence, but clearly overcome with joy.  Before she could say anything or get up to greet him, he lowered himself to one knee and began to tell her how she was his pearl that he would give everything for in order to have and protect her.  She was of the highest esteem, and he, having counted the cost and selling all he had (figuratively, as the parable goes), found her to be worth any sacrifice.

A crowd began gathering, drowning their conversation with loud questions of musing and curiosity.  But when she said, “Yes,” and threw her arms around him, everyone could see the pearl ring he had placed on her wedding finger.  Where he had once buttled for this woman years earlier, he now returned to make her his wife.

At their wedding, the pastor shared a synopsis of the engagement story.  He then read Matthew 13:45:

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls; on finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.

The pastor reminded the guests that the groom saw it fit to sell all for his pearl, his beloved bride.  The pastor then took the guests on a journey of Christ’s love.  He told of how God loved each person, who though trapped inside a rough-shelled mollusk, has so much value, beauty, and distinction that God sold all He had for us by giving His Son to die and rise again for their sake.

And how worthy for this couple, as husband and wife, to seek the kingdom of heaven together, the pastor continued.  They will build a life here on earth that will be filled with joy and value, yet all of those riches will fall short in comparison with the pearl that they seek together, the kingdom of heaven.  With two better than one, they will have the encouragement, accountability, and shared joy in the sacrifices they make for God’s sake.

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