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The Timing of a Thank You

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The Tuesday after my sister’s weekend bridal shower, I received a lovely thank you note from her in the mail.  I was blown away by how quickly she got them out because I knew how busy she was.  She didn’t have free time built into her schedule, so for her to write thank you notes and get them out so rapidly, she had to have fought for time in her evenings that ordinarily would have been filled. 

Usually there is a several week period where it is acceptable to send out thank you notes for showers, and even if it ends up taking longer than that, people understand that brides are busy.  The fact that she gave me time she didn’t have just to say thank you made me feel incredibly valued and loved. 

With wedding gifts, some brides and grooms don’t open them until their wedding, in which case they wouldn’t write thank you notes, even for gifts received months before the wedding, until after they are back from their honeymoon.  Guests will be patient and will accept the rule of thumb that brides and grooms have a year to write all of their wedding gift thank you notes.

But do keep in mind what a thank you note is for.  It is a note of gratitude that not only helps to keep you humble and aware of your blessings, but it is also an opportunity to tell your guests that you appreciate them—not just their gifts, but also them.  It’s a sort of love letter.

If one of your wedding purposes is to honor and love your guests, then make the time to send out thank you notes sooner than later.  No one will begrudge you if you can’t, but they will notice and appreciate it if you do.

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Article originally published on April 18, 2011.

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