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The Value of $1

by admin on August 22, 2011 in Honeymoon, Logistics with 2 Comments

When Chris and I got on the plane for our honeymoon, we breathed a sigh of relief that all the planning was over.  It would be just him and me relaxing on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

We specifically left our itinerary open so we could figure details out when we got there based on what we wanted to do that day.  It was going to be a glorious adventure!

The only trouble with that kind of “freedom traveling” is that some details are better set than left loose.  You know, those practical travel logistics and what not.

Other than booking our flights and hotel, we hadn’t really planned much of anything.  We hadn’t thought about how we would get from the airport to our hotel, how we would tip the cab drivers, or even how to get home once we landed back in L.A.  That’s how consumed with the wedding we were.

Chris’ parents, thankfully, had the foresight to arrange all of those details for us.  At our rehearsal dinner they gave us a big fat manila envelope labeled “For Your Honeymoon.”

Inside was the name of the shuttle service that they had prearranged to take us from the airport to the hotel.  They had also included copies of our passports, hotel reservations, and airline itineraries that they somehow must have asked us for awhile back in the wedding-planning frenzy.  There were a handful of brochures of trusted restaurants and activities for us to look through.  The best part, however, was the fat stack of $1 bills.

Chris’ parents had been to the hotel we were staying at.  They knew that because the hotel was spread out along the slope of an oceanside bluff, the primary mode of getting from one place to another was via golf cart.  We soon learned to summon golf carts to get to the pool, to the restaurants, and to the beach.  Each time, a driver needed to be tipped.

Chris and I had no idea about this.  We never would have thought to research our hotel so thoroughly because we weren’t even interested in researching the hot spots of the city in advance.  We thought that the hotel would contain no mystery once the reservations were set.

Those $1 bills saved us an enormous chunk of would-have-been unexpected expenses.  We were also spared exorbitant ATM fees and hassles.  The best part was, however, everyone who helped us got tipped without reservation!

Most travel destinations warrant stacks of small bills on hand.  If you aren’t the detailed travel planner (much like Chris and me), you can always offer small bills as a suggestion to a friend or family member who is stumped on what wedding gift to buy you.  The value of those bills go far beyond the total sum.

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    • Emily says:

      Totally agree!! You know what the best way is to get those $1 bills? Have a dollar dance at your wedding. Worked well for us!

    • Mary Tracy says:

      I love this idea for a wedding gift. It is so practical, yet caring.