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‘Tis the Season to be Married

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Understandably, December, with all its programming, expenses, and festivities, might scare brides and grooms from planning a Christmas wedding.  At the core of those daunting commitments, however, lies a prime opportunity for an intimate and affordable wedding.

If your family gathers to celebrate Christmas every year, then gathering for your wedding is no added expense or inconvenience.  They are already planning on celebrating with you.

Even if your family does not gather for Christmas, many people are keen on traveling during the holidays because it is one of the few times that kids can take off school and parents can take off work.  People are generally up for a one-time interruption from Christmas tradition if it means traveling to a great destination for the wedding of someone they love.

Though your crowd will likely be smaller than a non-Christmas wedding, you will have the blessing of tackling a smaller guest list, of paying for fewer people, and of having more face-time with each of your guests.

Even though Christmas time is smack in the middle of non-wedding season, it is peak season for venues, entertainment, bakeries, and florists.  This means that the prices are generally higher this time of year, but with a little savvy planning, you can use the peak holiday season to your advantage.

Many holiday parties are happening right around the time of your wedding, maybe even in the same venue.  If you can coordinate with the venue, the vendor, or the client, you can probably arrange to use their flowers, their lighting, and any other un-tampered aspect of their party-planning for your wedding.

Often times floral arrangements simply get trashed once the event is over.  But you can coordinate to gather them for free or for a massively discounted price since they are “used.”

Additionally, many venues are already decorated beautifully for the holidays, which would allow you to take advantage of the “free” ambiance in your venue.  What is not already provided for you can be purchased during holiday sales.  If you are able to plan far enough ahead to utilize the sales, then you can find deep discounts on your decor and services.

One of the best things about a Christmas wedding is sharing a special day with the Savior of the universe.  What a prime opportunity for worship!  Every time you remember the joy of your wedding or every time you ponder the gift of Christ’s birth, you can use the one to celebrate the other.

And, if December 25th is your anniversary, your husband will never forget it.

Photo © John Yao, SimplyTwo Photography, featuring Annie and Henry’s wedding

Article originally published on December 24, 2010.

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