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by admin on October 19, 2011 in Budget, Reception Traditions with No Comments

A great (and free) way to create momentum at your wedding reception is to create a Twitter account for your wedding.  Of course you would not want you or your husband on your phones tweeting all night long, but you can give your log-in information to someone or to a handful of trusted people to keep the conversation going all night long.

You can have your wedding coordinator tweet the next item on the agenda, so your guests can gather back to the cake cutting or bouquet toss or whatever event is taking place. 

A bridesmaid can tweet some personalized background information such as what significance a song has to you and your husband, fun facts about the bridal party, why the wedding theme was chosen, or which piece of the your outfit is a family heirloom.

Common questions from your guests can be answered via Twitter so you and your husband don’t have to keep repeating how he proposed, when you are leaving for your honeymoon, where you are going on your honeymoon, or what city you are going to live in.

On the reception tables or in the ceremony programs, you can put a cute note that includes the Twitter account and an invitation for your guests to tweet their favorite moments at your wedding (using a designated hash tag, of course).  This way you will be caught up on all the action at your wedding that you might have otherwise missed.

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