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Walk Talk, Lay Pray

by admin on December 6, 2011 in Faith, Health with No Comments

“I love You, Lord!” I cried out.

I turned to my friend who had just spent the last hour walking with me.  She made me love the Lord so much in that moment that I wanted to shout about it and cry about it and sing about it and dance about it.   Shouting won, which all things considered was probably a good thing.

Throughout the suburb hills, she and I had just shared the updates in our lives, the burdens on our spirits, and the wonders of God’s work in us.  We laughed, we vented, and we praised.  Still eight or ten blocks from our destination, we had prayed the rest of the way back.  Working out our bodies, clearing our minds, and sharing our hearts was refreshing to our spirits.  Through my friend, God had lit up my countenance and renewed my desire for Him.  All I could do was praise Him in that moment.

Our evening walk reminded me of a woman from my church who said there is always time for health and for God.  She would go on Walk Talks with her friends so in their limited time they could exercise, connect, and draw near to the Lord.  And if she was really tired, she and her friends would lie on the floor and pray together in their exhaustion.  Whether Walk Talks or Lay Prays (sorry grammar gurus, lie doesn’t rhyme with pray), she said there was always time to spend with God no matter the energy level you have.  Godly friends have a way of drawing that desire out of you.

Planning a wedding can wipe the spirit right out of you as your energy levels are depleted and your deadlines are approaching.  With whom can you take a Walk Talk in order to process your life load and praise the Lord amidst that?  Or on exhausting days, with whom can you Lay Pray and draw near the Lord with minimal words or movement?

Bridesmaids.  Siblings.  Parents.  Friends…

Kill two birds with one stone so you can stay efficient in this busy time.  However you manage to spend time with God and with your friends, prioritize those relationships no matter how busy or how tired you are.  The reward that you reap is infinitely worth the time you invest.

By Lindsay

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