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Weathering the Storms

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I stepped out the front door this morning into a glorious curtain of chilled, white mist.  It was as if the pillar of clouds had settled its presence this morning in my neighborhood.

To me, this weather change was abrupt, but I know that God had it in His plans.  I actually delighted in this small surprise because it reminded me of the morning of my own wedding.

Getting married in Malibu Canyon, which is right off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, means frequent misty mornings.  The fog settles in the nooks and crannies of the canyon and burns off by mid-morning.  Though fog does a number on my hair (yay for hairspray!), I was excited for the foggy wedding morning because I had heard from photographers across the board that fog makes for fantastic photographs!  Our morning wedding meant pictures in the fog and ceremony in the sunshine.

While fog is somewhat of a benign surprise, you might also be facing abrupt weather conditions on your wedding day.  Last month I was in a meeting in a building near the sanctuary at my church, and I could see through the window that a wedding was going on.  I could also see (and hear) through the window that it was hailing thunderously.  HAILING!  It never hails in Los Angeles.  I wondered what the bride was thinking as it unexpectedly hailed at her wedding.

Do you have a weather contingency plan, be it for rain, dust storms, snow, or whatever other weather condition frequents your locale? 

Ask your venue what they do in such circumstances.  If you don’t like their plan, you should weigh the risk of inclement weather and decide if you still want to lock in that venue.  

Chris and I chose our venue because of its outdoor garden.  The rain contingency plan was either for us to rent a really expensive tent the morning of the wedding or to move the whole ceremony inside the reception lodge.  We really didn’t like either option, but because it rarely rains in Los Angeles in mid-June, we took the risk and put the deposit down for the location anyway.

God knows what your weather will be.  When you ask Him for His guidance on choosing a wedding location, ask Him specifically about how the weather will affect your ceremony or reception.

And even if after thoroughly praying, analyzing the risk, and planning for contingency you are still met with profoundly unexpected weather that intrudes on your wedding day, try to meet the variable with an open hand.  God always has His reasons.

If you are too close-fisted with your wedding details, your focus is not on the right thing.  If you can fix your eyes on Jesus, however, and the joy set before you, which in this case is the fact that at the end of the day you will be married, then you will be able to weather the unexpected wedding-day storms.

Photo © Lukasz Kulicki

Article originally published on March 30, 2011.

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