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Wedding and Marriage Book Recommendations

by admin on June 5, 2012 in Relationship with No Comments

Each month in 2012, I review a wedding or marriage resource.  It’s easy to lose track of those resources once the month has passed, so I’ve gathered January-June’s featured resources to give you a manageable library of valuable insight.  Sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy a refreshing read.

Real Marriage tackles marriage from a totally fresh angle.  I had never read about friendship in marriage before.  And only in a few marriage books have I received and accepted a spiritual spanking regarding failing to live up to my role as a wife.  My willingness to receive their strong instruction was totally a matter of their Biblical rooting and their grace-filled, authentic platform of having needed and accepted these very instructions for themselves.  This book answers tricky questions about sex that no one else wants to touch, and it takes the time to de-glamorize our sexual culture so we can understand what we are dealing with.  Read this book!

Preparing for Marriage initially seemed like just another pre-marital exploration book with the typical questions about the reader’s understanding of family, money, and sex.  This certainly does ask those questions, but I was constantly staggered by the depth of these questions and by the opportunity to do something with the revelations that come from answering them and sharing them as a couple.  Being married for nearly six years and having to work on many of these issues from the ground up, I highly recommend getting a comprehensive head start with this book.  A bride and groom can go into marriage prepared for the issues that will seek to divide a husband and a wife.  This book certainly is not a breezy check off the to-do list, but it is a worthy endeavor that offers great reward.

Sacred Marriage has always been a top choice in the marriage book department.  Churches, parents, friends…everyone recommends it.  In fact, I’ve had it on my shelf for almost 6 years.  But no matter the glowing reviews, I had never felt the need to pick it up and read it.  Now that I have read it, I feel as if my marriage and my walk with God are changed forever.  I can’t fathom being in a Christian marriage without having read it.

For Women Only is quick.  It’s research-driven.  It’s life-changing.  If you can read this book and break or establish some habits accordingly during your engagement, then you will be in a solid position for marriage.  If you are already married, this book hits the spot when you are a couple years in (or the equivalent time frame in your marriage) and having those adjustment issues.  You know, the first year was easy because you were expecting change, but the next years came with really figuring out what it meant to be one flesh through your daily routines in and out of the house.  This book can help to make those adjustment issues less combative and more constructive.

Sheet Music is fantastic. Any author who gets me crazy for my husband with intelligent, insightful, and tasteful advice about the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of sex gets my vote.  I recommend that an engaged couple reads the chapters that Leman recommends (and only those) a couple weeks prior to the wedding and then takes the book with them on their honeymoon.  They will have no shortage of encouragement and guidance with this book.  And for a married couple, either read the book together so you are both aware of what the other is learning, or read the book individually and sneak in some take-away’s every now and again to see if your spouse heats up at your intentional love-making.

Christian Weddings: Resources To Make Your Ceremony Unique is extremely helpful. For first-time brides and grooms, knowing the elements of a Christian wedding ceremony is not all that common.  Having it all spelled out in simple terms and in few pages makes learning about the ceremony hassle-free.  Additionally, the bride and groom have the benefit of sorting through traditional selections and scripts that will allow the couple to join other couples in the church who have used those same standard selections.  At the same time, choosing out of those traditional selections, the couple will also have a truly unique ceremony.

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