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Wedding Chrysanthemums

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An addition to being an elementary school spelling bee stumper, chrysanthemums also make gorgeous wedding flowers. They are heavily petaled, giving them a textured, sturdy look that is perfect as the main flower in a shaped bouquet or vase and also as a complementary burst of strength in a natural bouquet or vase.  Full bloom flower heads can also be used individually.

Chrysanthemums come in the autumnal array of colors giving you fall (and early winter) brides a vast color palette from which to choose.  The color that might surprise you, however, is a lime green.  If you are are decorating in clean white tones, a green chrysanthemum makes a great filler flower, adding a fresh, natural hue that bridges the white of the petals with the deep green of the stems and leaves. 

The flower is native to Europe and Asia, but in America, it is fairly easy to grow, making in-season chrysanthemums an affordable choice.   Especially if you are choosing D-I-Y bouqets, you can keep costs down by using chrysanthemums as your dominant flowers. 

The American meaning  of the chrysanthemum is cheerfulness due to its resemblance to the sun.  In fact, the name chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words meaning “golden flower.”  They also offer a sweet fragrance, which you should test out before settling on chrysanthemums for your wedding day.

Add a bit of sunshine to an autumn or winter wedding by asking your florist to incorporate chrysanthemums in your wedding flowers. 

Photos © Robert Crum and Cindy Singleton, respectively

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