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Wedding Jars

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A great way to save some money on decorations is to use what you already have.  If you eat jam or pickles or mayonnaise, or if you have siblings who eat baby food, you can accrue a large number of glass jars over the course of your engagement.  The mismatched, recycled nature of the jars adds a rustic, earthy, creative take on otherwise traditional elements.

Jars as vases give an appropriate base for garden flowers.  In a backyard, lakeside, or farmhouse wedding, this is perfect.  You can group together jars of different heights to create a dynamic multi-flower centerpiece on each table.

If your beverages are along the lines of vatted lemonade and ice tea, bottles of beer or soda, or home-made sangria, you might use the jars as drinking cups.  The different sizes and types of jars help people to keep their drinking jar separate from others’.  You could even pre-arrange the jars on the beverage table and even have festive straws or fruit skewers lined up in each one.

For outdoor wedding ambiance, or a natural indoor centerpiece addition, you can use jars as candle holders.  They are deep enough to block any wind and sturdy enough to avoid being a fire hazard.  Together with bowls or potted flowers, they can create an enchanted garden feel.

You can also use your jars as gifts for your guests.  You can send them off with jam, honey, coffee beans, hot chocolate mix, jellybeans, assorted nuts…you name it.  Or if you prefer a non-food item, you can pot an herb or jar up some beach sand as a memory of your destination wedding. 

As an added entertainment for the tables, you can fill the jars with pens and paper for your guests to write down some marriage advice or their own engagement story.  For some aromatic enhancement, stock each jar with cinnamon sticks, cloves, rose petals, or potpourri.

 The sky is the limit with what you can send people home with in these jars, so be creative.

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