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by admin on June 22, 2011 in Faith, Gifts and Favors with 1 Comment

I was listening to The Frank Pastori Show on 99.5 KKLA the week before Frank’s daughter was getting married.  He asked his listeners for ideas for the father of the bride to do at his daughter’s wedding.  One caller mentioned that her father had been keeping a journal of the wedding experience.  It was something that he later got to share with his daughter as a wedding present, which was so appreciated since the wedding season was a whirlwind for the bride. 

Another caller had started taking videos dancing with his daughters on their birthdays.  His intention is to use those as a background montage as he dances with his daughters on their wedding days.  This kind of foresight can speak infinite words of love for his daughters in the future.

Hearing these two calls reminded me of my friend’s wedding present from her husband.  He had been inspired years before meeting her by a Rebecca St. James song to write a journal for the woman he would marry.  It didn’t matter that he didn’t know who that woman was for much of his journal.  It was an exercise of being the man now who he wanted to be for her later.

As he met his future wife, his entries became personalized to her.  The rest of the journal captured the moments and sentiments of their dating and engaged relationship.  When he presented her with this journal on their wedding day, she was beautifully overwhelmed by the greatest gift anyone had ever given her.  She got to see his heart for her preserved on paper.

While all three of the above gestures were for the bride rather than from the bride, you can use this same kind of forethought to deeply bless your fiancé, your parents, or your bridal party. 

The discipline of remembrance is such a distinctly beautiful one.  It requires us to slow down, to step aside, and to reflect on what God has done and is doing.  In moments of fretting or confusion, reflections can then serve as a beacon of hope for what God will do in the future.

For your own efforts to stay present through your wedding planning, and for your fiancé’s (or parents’ or bridal party’s) enjoyment after the wedding, consider planning ahead for a book of remembrance.  Whether a wedding journal, an engagement journal, or a photo journal, is there a way you can offer your reflections as a discipline for the Lord and as a gift for someone you love?

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