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Wednesday Wedding

by admin on August 10, 2011 in Budget, Logistics, Venue with No Comments

My in-laws recently went to a wedding on a Wednesday evening.  When they told me this, my first thought was, “Who would plan a wedding on a Wednesday?”

The work week really limits the use of week-night weddings.  Unless your guests are all local, you won’t have too many people who can show up to the event-or stay long if they do come-and still get up for work the next morning.

But they started telling me why the couple chose a Wednesday, and I was immediately converted.  The guests invited to this couple’s wedding were far from local.  Most of them who came took time off work to make a vacation out of it. 

The bride had her friends and family come the weekend before and stay through until the wedding was over.  The groom has his guests arrive for the wedding and stay through the following weekend.  Because they were able to take that week off work, the Wednesday evening became the cornerstone for a week of relationship.  The bride and groom actually got to spend time with their friends and family without feeling the rush of trying to connect with everyone during the wedding reception. 

Because connections were made in the days prior and following, the wedding itself could be more focused on the marriage of the bride and groom, and thus a little shorter or a little simpler, which would have worked for those local guests who actually did have to get up the next morning for work.

And of course, a draw for a week-night wedding is the affordability of the location.  Most venues hike their weekend prices because of the logical demand for those times. 

If you can make it work, given your job schedules and your pool of guests, you might seriously consider a Wednesday evening wedding and save some major cash.

By Lindsay

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