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When Dividing the Labor Divides the Marriage

by admin on April 30, 2015 in Relationship with 4 Comments

Life has to get done, and someone has to do it.  In a marriage, dividing that labor can be a sticky web of personality clashes, time constraints, and differing priorities.  How can a husband and wife actually divide their labors in a way that keeps unity in the marriage?  Read “It’s Not About the Dishes” on Growthtrac to find out.

And if your division of labor seems fair, but you are still running on empty in your emotional love tank, maybe your Love Language is Acts of Service.  You have a need to be served above and beyond the obligatory assignments of your spouse.  How can your love tank be full and not depleted as your spouse accomplishes the daily chores and tasks of life?  Read “I Cleaned the Toilet for You: Speaking Love through Acts of Service” on Start Marriage Right.

By Lindsay

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