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Worship from the Start

by admin on April 23, 2015 in Ceremony Traditions, Music with 4 Comments

DSC_0424Many brides choose to have hymns sung as they walk down the aisle. It’s a beautiful way to tie into the history of sacred tradition as many saints have done before them. Whether a cappella or accompanied, the opening song becomes the intro to the story of the bride and groom’s marriage.

At a recent wedding, I heard the contemporary hymn “It Is Well” as the bride stepped through the doorway and walked wondrously down the aisle. But when the bride and groom stood facing each other at the altar, the song didn’t stop as I was expecting. Instead, people started joining in and for several more verses, the entire crowd was worshiping on our feet at the volume of joy, anticipating what was to come–the story that was about to unfold in this wedding.

I don’t know whether it was planned to have people join in or whether it was the charismatic nature of the crowd, but in any case, it was breathtaking. Outdoor singing usually leaves each person feeling like they are singing in isolation because the voices dissipate so quickly into the air that there is no way to hear the people singing in front of you. But with this song, it felt like the Holy Spirit had put a covering over the crowd so the voices mixed and blended and expanded in the joy of the Lord.

And with that welcome of the Holy Spirit and that unification of all us endeared family and friends, we finally sat to cheer on this union of bride and groom. The intro to their story was told, the tone was set, and we together watched a most beautiful story of God’s mercy and love in these two people’s lives. Their wedding utterly gave glory to God.

So if you are walking down the aisle to a hymn, why not cue the crowd in to start the ceremony off with worship? Invite the Holy Spirit to come from the very beginning!

By Lindsay

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