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Worst Wedding Nightmare: Missing Rings

by admin on August 26, 2011 in Ceremony Traditions with No Comments

“You may now place your bride’s ring upon her finger,” says the pastor.

The giddy groom looks over expectantly at his best man and watches as he reaches in his coat for the ring he has been charged with protecting.  The best man’s hand comes out of one breast pocket and into the other.  His face is still calm with just a slight purse of the lips, a face of concentration.

After both pockets come up empty, the best man reaches into his pants pockets, trying to move quickly so as to subdue the rising suspicion.  His breath quickens and his eyes dart in all directions as if searching his person from memory.

Still nothing.

The groom stands stunned in fear that his buddy has failed him in this moment.  He tracks his best man’s pocket search from the periphery of his bewilderment.

The congregation too sits agape in silence, watching this horror unfold.  The best man has lost the ring.

“Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks.  Getcher Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks.”

Every head turns to investigate this welcomed interruption.

Coming down the aisle is a Giants vendor with a full neck tray of baseball snacks.

“I’ll take a Cracker Jacks!” says the best man as he races towards the vendor.  With the cash he happened to have remembered to keep in his pocket, he buys a Cracker Jacks box and rips it open without regard.

He pulls out the prize, which happens to be a ring.  He beelines back to the groom, drops the prize ring in his hand, and resumes his position with no telltale remnant of the disaster except for sweat on his brow and heavy breath.

As the groom and the bride, moving in stride, look at the prize ring sliding up her finger, their elated and relieved eyes tell the congregation that it isn’t just any prize ring.  It is her ring.

The silence is broken by nervous laughter all around.  As the bride and groom process the ruse that has so brilliantly been pulled over at their wedding, they begin to laugh with whole hearted enjoyment.  Soon the entire church is hysterical with comedic appreciation for the joke that has mastered them all.

This is a true story, a nightmare turned marvelous.  While I don’t recommend trying to pull a prank at anyone else’s wedding, this particular prank was so well executed and it so keenly hit on the groom’s penchant for the Giants that it upped the magnificence of this wedding.

Not all wedding disasters have to ruin the big day.

By Lindsay

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